Future Top 10 Marketing Professionals, According to European Marketing Students



The future Top 10 Marketing Professionals will be those concentrating on integrated PR, digital content, and growth hacking strategies, current European Marketing students have said. In a collaborative research project between multiple universities including University College London, UK; ESADE Business School, Spain; and University of Hamburg, Germany, students were questioned on what they thought the future of marketing looks like, and which young marketing professionals they thought best fitted the role.


More than 2,000 students were surveyed, all of whom were studying advertising, public relations, communications or marketing-based degrees. A similar recent study by MediaSchool Group found 70% believe that in 10 years, the marketing landscape will be “dominated” by content marketing and “PR thinking.” At that time, advertising’s job will be mostly to “entertain” rather than “sell,” according to 7 in 10.


Social media marketing would become ‘the norm’, and the boundaries between current media outlets and blogs will be ‘blurred’.


‘Any young professionals who recognise the importance of digital marketing now, in combination with PR-led awareness efforts, hold the key to future marketing’, wrote one student. The study also found only 4% of students read a printed newspaper more than once a month, and 100% think printed media will be gone in 10 years. A handful of answers suggested social media would become ‘saturated’ and disruptive, controversial marketing efforts will become more important in gaining cut-through and reaching audiences.


The UK was ranked as Top European Country for Marketing Quality, with students noting the high concentration of national newspapers meant a greater level of PR-led skill was required. Other considerations were the UK’s big reputation for advertising skill. USA was ranked second, followed by Italy and Holland.


The Future Top 10 Marketers


1. Thomas Church, London, United Kingdom
Church is a British PR and growth hacker, specialising in piracy, digital media, intellectual property, technology start-ups and internet culture. He also works with leading supermarkets, delivering integrated communications campaigns on food, sustainability and health.

2. Ryan Holiday, Los Angeles, United States of America
Director of Marketing at American Apparel at only 26 and author of ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying’, Holiday was noted by one student as ‘the master of media manipulation’

3. Heather Corbett,  London, United Kingdom
Heather Corbett is Marketing Manager of Innovation First. She is recognised as taking Hexbug, a range of toy micro robotic creatures, from zero to 1.5 million unit sales in one year. Corbett won Young Marketer of the Year in 2012

4. Rosie Walkinton, Zurich, Switzerland
Walkinton is PR and Marketing Manager for Europe at Evernote. @rosiewalkinton looks after the reputation of one the fastest growing companies of all time

5. Laura Seago, New York, United States of America
Laura Seago is Marketing Manager at Buzzfeed

6. Yoni Argaman, New York, United States of America
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Yahoo!, Mentor at IDC Elevator

7. Lisa Bennett, Israel, and New York, United States of America
Director of Marketing and PR at Kaltura, the Israeli open-source video platform

8. Soner Aydemir, Istanbul, Turkey
Marketing Specialist of Peak Games. Launched in November 2010, the company now gets 16 million users a month. Its in-house game Okey, based on a traditional pastime, is Turkey’s most popular and has been played 1.4 billion times

9. Oleg Naumov, Moscow, Russian Federation
Naumov is Head of Online Marketing at KupiVIP. He’s helped this Russian startup grow to 8.5million members in five years, pocketing $200 million in net revenue. KupiVIP is a fashion e-commerce site which came first in Wired Magazine’s Top 100 Russian Startups

10. Steffen Harting, Berlin, Germany
Harting is Vice President of Online Marketing International Holding Delivery Hero. Delivery Hero has grown into the largest online takeaway ordering service in Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and Finland since launching in 2010. In the first quarter of 2012 its orders increased by 84 per cent, and it now serves more than four million customers via 19,000 affiliate restaurants across four continents. Global revenues this year are expected to reach £160 million.

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